Over the next nine days I’ll be introducing you to some friends of mine! They’ve decided to come and celebrate the holidays with us by answering some Christmas themed questions, telling us about their books, and offering up prizes to some lucky winners.

It will be a dual tour, meaning each day I’ll be posting twice. One post will feature an M/M author and the other will feature an M/F author. There will also be a contest so be sure to stop by each day, and comment on the blog posts for a chance to win!

I’ll be kicking off both tours today.

What is your favourite Christmas song?

I enjoy a few of them. I like Santa Baby. I also like Mistletoe by Bieber (though I’m not really a Bieber fan), and Little Saint Nick by the Beach Boys.

What food do you most look forward to over the holidays?

I love whipped shortbread cookies! Lots of chocolates too.

Do you have a holiday beverage you like? Alcoholic or non-alcoholic?

I like the cranberry gingerale they have out at this time of year, and I enjoy the occasional glass of eggnog, which I couldn’t have last year because of the pregnancy.

Is there a book you like reading at this time of year?

I always enjoy reading Lord of Ice by Gaelen Foley at this time of year. I love the entire series, but that one takes place in the winter months. There is a scene where the heroine watches from a window as the hero and his three brothers engage in this big snowball fight. It’s one of my favourite scenes.

Do you participate in Boxing Day shopping? Is Boxing Day a tradition in your country?

I avoid shopping on busy days, so I’ll maybe shop online, but I won’t be going near the stores!

Do you get your shopping done in advance or leave it to the last minute?

I like to have it done before December, and most years I do. This year I was a little behind. I had several days planned for shopping in November, but then the baby got sick or there was a big snow storm so I wasn’t getting anything accomplished.

What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

I enjoy the Santa Claus film. I haven’t really watched many Christmas films in recent years, not since I moved out of my parent’s house. I assume once my daughter is a little older I’ll get a refresh on all the holiday classics.

When do you decorate your house?

Any time after Halloween. I know people like to wait until after Remembrance Day, but I’ll do it whenever we have a mild day and I have time. Though I often forget to plug them in. The tree might not go up as early as the outdoor lights.

When you were a child what was the best Christmas gift you remember receiving?

I’m not sure. I don’t remember many of them. I do remember getting The Littlest Pet Shop one year and my sister got The Littlest Zoo (funny because she went on to become a zoo keeper!). That gift was a big hit. I also remember the year we got the Playstation. It was a joint gift for my siblings and I one Christmas.

Is there a unique holiday tradition your family keeps?

Every year we would open Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve as well as a family game. We’d change into our pajamas, have hot chocolate and play the game. Then we’d set out cookies for Santa and read The Night Before Christmas. I’d like to continue that tradition with my kids.

When do you open Christmas presents?

The answer above sort of answers that, but most gifts get opened in the mornings. We would do stockings first and then Mom and Dad would make us wait for breakfast before opening others. All three of us really enjoyed the giving part of Christmas, so once the stocking were done the first gifts that were given were to each other and our parents before we tackled the mountain of gifts our parents gave to us (they would go all out each year). I love giving gifts.

What’s your favourite outdoor winter activity? If it doesn’t snow where you live what makes it feel like Christmas to you?

I like building snowmen, and I like a good snowball fight every once in awhile. I’m not one for ski hills though.


For those of you who are following the M/M tour: I’ll be giving away an ebook copy of His Confession and one of Unexpected Bliss, to one winner. Comment below and tell me what your plans for the holidays are for your chance to win. Please comment and say “Entering for m/m tour” or something to that effect.

For those of you who are following the M/F tour: I’ll be giving away an ebook copy of An Unexpected Christmas Gift, one of A Little Bit of Naughty, and one of The Winter Storm, to one winner. Comment below and tell me what your plans for the holidays are for your chance to win. Please comment and say “Entering for m/f tour” or something to that effect.

If you’re interested in both M/M and M/F books you can say “Entering for both” to be considered for both prizes.

I’m starting to create quite a collection of holiday books. I’ll list them here, along with their tag line. If you’re interested in reading more (blurb/excerpt or in the case of My Mistletoe Master there is a bonus prologue scene found only on my website) click on the title to go to that book’s page to learn more.

My Mistletoe Master (Book 1 of the Unexpected Changes series, m/f)

Nick has always wanted Amelia Fuller, his best friend’s little sister, but is he capable of overcoming a past that threatens to come between them?

An Unexpected Christmas Gift (A spin off story from the Unexpected Changes series, m/f)

A holiday party. Two lonely people. Can one night of passion change what started out as a miserable night?

A Little Bit of Naughty (A standalone short story, a F/M/F menage)

Three lonely people. One chilly winter evening. Multiple bottles of wine. A crackling fire. One hot night that might lead to more…

The Winter Storm (A standalone short story, M/F)

With his relationship on the rocks and a wicked winter storm keeping him from his destination, Shane wonders if his relationship with Vicky is in its final days. Can a holiday miracle save them?

His Confession (Book 2 in the Unexpected Changes series, M/M)

Jordan is tired of waiting for his boyfriend to come out of the closet. He’s waited long enough to share their news, and as far as he’s concerned, it’s now or never.

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