This Year’s Bookstagram Judges

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*We will be accepting judges until the end of April. Contact Cameron via email, FB, or Instagram to apply*


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Canadian dog mom. Read all genres but gravitate more towards suspense. Like spice and forced proximity.


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A hopeless romantic at heart who loves to indulge in romance novels (YA, Clean, Hallmarkie, Contemporary, Paranormal, Historical, Smut, Dark, Erotica, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Suspense etc.)


Followers: 2,260

I’m just book wyvern from New Mexico, USA. I also love tea and photography. Fantasy Romance and romantic comedy from the full range of heat levels are my jam. And honestly, as long as the trope is done well, I’m probably going to like it.


Followers: 4,007

Meghan, a.k.a. Lady with a Quill, is a US-based bookstagrammer, who works in Human Resources when not reading as many romance books as she can find. She enjoys a wide variety of genres, with particular delight for medium-high heat historical, fantasy, and monster/alien romance. Her favorite tropes include forced proximity, grump/sunshine and childhood pining.

Followers: 1,610

36 yo French Canadian, 2x cat mom! I’m a criminologist by day and a CrossFit woman and reader by night! I’m a mood reader, so I read whatever my mood tells me too! My go toos are romantasy, monster romance, dark romance, forbidden/taboo romance and PNR! The spicier the better!


Followers: 3,839

I’m US based, work full time in a classified position, and am married with two kids. I love to read high heat why choose, age gap, MM, dark romance, and bully romance.


Followers: 1,351

A Canadian Mom working in Agriculture and on our Family Farm. Hobby Book Binding. I love to read anything romance, morally grey, and all spice levels, however, my preference is fantasy or dark romance, bonus points if the book is both. I also love a good sport romance.


Followers: 5,718

I’m a stay at home mom of four crazy kids and one snuggle cat. I drink way too much coffee and spend all my free time reading. I read mostly Queer romances but also enjoy mystery, horrors and everything inbetween. I enjoy books with high steam to no steam and love most kinks and tropes (my only hard no’s are incest, and cheating).


Followers: 7,001

I am a dog mum, boy mum, and indie author service provider. I will read fantasy/romantasy and any queer content.


Followers: 2,533

I am from the United States, and a mom of two. I work as a physical therapist in elementary schools. I love fantasy books especially romantic fantasy. I can read anywhere from no spice to a lotnof spice and love enemies to lovers, found family, reverse harem and so many other tropes.


Followers: 9,945

23 year old NHS worker who loves reading fluffy romance in my spare time Love to read smutty romance, love a bit of enemies to lovers but trying to expand into different genres in 2024


Followers: 1,360

Canada, welder, industrial painter, mom who loves to read. More trigger warnings the better. Love all tropes and spicier the better.


Single Aussie Girl who loves to read dark romance and why choose/reverse harem.


Followers: 36.1K

Cassie is a millennial mom of one from Baltimore who loves craft beer and chaos. Though she runs the Unfortunate Reads page, she reads and enjoys more than just the absolutely unhinged stories. She likes her books extra spicy, with a special fondness for PNR, Sci/fi, and Why Choose romance.


Followers: 7,058

I’m currently living in Sunny California with my daughter, giant malamute and trio of black kitties. I’m obsessed with books, crafty projects, and a total foodie. I’m a huge mood reader with no triggers, who is currently addicted to darker monster romance. I’ve been a huge romance reader since I was a teenager, and enjoy reading them all.


Followers: 2,507

I’m Julie! I live just outside of D.C in the Blue Ridge mountains. I’m a former teacher turned SAHM. I love any type of romance, especially if it’s spicy!


Followers: 2,712

Hi I am Tiffany and I’m from the US! I am an xray/CT tech, a dog mom to 2 poodles and a reader/crafter in my spare time! I looove romance and thrillers/mysteries. My favorite tropes are enemies to lovers, mafia, MC, small town, cowboy. The spicier the better!


Followers: 1,944

I’m from the United States and a pet mom to 4 fur-babies. I am also a nurse and work in both the ER and Behavioral Health. I’m a bookish cosplayer who mostly read fantasy romance and read all types of spice levels and tropes. I am now also getting into monster romance and always enjoy some rom-com contemporary reads.


Followers: 2,456

My name is Haley, I live in the US. I’m a fiancé/dog mom. I work full time as a medical biller and coder but I am also an author Pa/proofreader. My favorite genres are: mystery/thriller, romance/dark romance, and fantasy. My favorite tropes are enemies to lovers and he falls first.


Followers: 1,236

USA, Poet/Aspiring Author, Author PA and host of Bookshelf of Lynds: The Podcast I enjoy reading poetry, dark romance, dark fantasy, fantasy, low-high spice, and any tropes except cheating/pregnancy; I also DO NOT like reverse harems/why choose books.


Followers: 9,376

I’m a small business owner of a tech company that assists other small businesses and individuals, like indie authors. I build websites, assist with social media, and edit and format books. My literary interests are quite eclectic, but do tend to read mostly romance, fantasy, and sci-fi. I will absolutely devour dark contemporary romance, romantasy, omegaverse, shifter romances, alien romance, and monster love.


Followers: 1,225

I am a mom of one cat and live in the US. Working towards a new career in medical coding. Loves to read everything romance. Collects trigger warnings like trophies


Followers: 1,759

Hi, I am Grace, Just a chronically ill latina with ADHD who loves books, cats, overpriced drinks, and Taylor Swift living in the UK 🖤 / Spicy, loving RH at the moment, enemies to lovers, fates mates, romantasy, fake relationships, small town, dark romance, possessive alpha males, and so much more


Followers: 5,567

Im a mom of 3 im in the us, I work full time and I have no pets. My favorite tropes are enemies to lovers and grumpy sunshine I love a good spicy book


Followers: 1,995

I live in Arizona, USA. I work from home running a book business, SpicyReads, and I help work with abused disabled children for the state. I absolutely love reading dark romance and RH, the spicier the better. I’m also into BDSM and I recently discovered asshole rockstars might be my new thing lol.

Followers: 2,334

My names Mariah! I’m a 29 dog mom, from the United States. I absolutely love any type of dark romance, particularly mafia, MC or reverse harem.


Followers: 2571

Canadian Mom, cat lover, tea drinker and obsessed with all things romance. I’ll read any type of romance as long as there’s smut. My favorite tropes are Age Gap/Forbidden and Enemies to Lovers. The darker the book the better.


Followers: 14.4K

Ryan Jones lives in Ontario, Canada and is a lover of the written word. While she’s an author and dedicated reader, she’s also been a book blogger and reviewer for 8 years. She’s married to a lovely husband and is a mom to 4 rescue cats. She works fulltime in marketing and prefers a medium heat level in romance with some spice and a complex plot. Her favourite tropes are slow burn and enemies to lovers.


Followers: 2420

Calgary, Canada, cat mom of 4, Work from home for Canadian airline- love 🥵 enemies to lovers, fake dating, grumpy sunshine, mafia, billionaire, lgbtq incl poly etc small town- literally everything except accidental pregnant


Followers: 777

Hi, I’m Rachael! Born and raised in Southern Ontario. When I’m not at my retail job during the day, you’ll find me with a book in my hand! I’m a sucker for a good romantasy, especially if it has fated mates, enemies to lovers, and/or forced proximity


Followers: 5801

Hello, I’m Cristie! I’m a mom to 2 and a 1st grade special education teacher. I am from and currently live in a small town in Upstate NY (we don’t even have a traffic light!). I love to read spicy books that have a captivating story line/plot. Some tropes/sub-genres I enjoy are: small town, single dad, sports, age gap, grumpy/sunshine, he falls first, romantic suspense, forbidden, & enemies to lovers.


Followers: 765

I am an Australian bookstagramer who is the pet mum of a cat and dog. I love reading most types of romance, spicy or not I don’t mind. I love the friends to lovers, sports and forbidden tropes the most.

Followers: 1105

Hi! I’m a CT Technologist living in the US. I’m a mom to two small kids and our pup! I love to read small town, dark, and the occasional fantasy. Some favorite tropes are: enemies to lovers, fake dating, friends to lovers, and grumpy/sunshine!


Followers: 1449

I am the owner of a pet sitting business in Florida, US, and a devoted pet mom, passionate about caring for animals and ensuring their well-being. I have a deep love for dark and spicy romance novels, with a preference for the spicier ones, and I often choose my reads based on trigger warnings. My favorite romance trope is enemies to lovers or taboo relationships.


Followers: 2052

I live in Victoria, Australia and I’m a pet mum of 2 cats(Alfie and Ada). I am an early years Educator who also loves to be creative. I’m a massive fan of grumpy/sunshine and enemies to lovers, I love a good hockey or small town romance. I also like a bit of romatacy, fantasy and historical fiction (ww2 ) as well as multiple pov.


Followers: 7485

I’m a Texas girl, married to an Okie, and have 3 beautiful girls – ages 7, 5, and 2. We live in a small town in Western Oklahoma where I work as a full time loan administrator. I absolutely love sports, small town, cowboy, and billionaire romance, and my favorite tropes are single dad and brother’s best friend. I like my romance on the spicier side – as long as there is plot to the spice!


Followers: 3400

I’m a midwestern mom and wife, and I work as a Chiropractic Assistant. My favorite tropes are enemies to lovers, age gap, and reverse grumpy x sunshine. I am good with all levels of spice, but prefer my books to be extra spicy. No triggers.


Followers: 4135

Hi everyone! I’m Megan and enjoy long walks on the beach…just kidding I live in Kansas, we don’t have beaches. I do enjoy spending time with my friends, family, and pup. I’ll read pretty much anything as long as it’s spicy! I’m currently in my MM, enemies to lovers era (bonus points for sports).


Followers: 2515

I live in Montreal Canada. Full time analyst at a bank. My genre is Romance! Love mostly hockey romances but in general everything. All of the tropes and enjoy a good level of spice


Followers: 3509

Hi! I’m from Brazil and I’ve been living in the U.S. for over 6 years! I love anything enemies to lovers & slow burn, give me the spice!!!


Followers: 2224

I’m an educator of special needs stu, mum of 2 amazing girls, lover of books & wine. I love romance, almost all types except for PNR &fantasy, historical & non-fiction . Will read MC, mafia, sports, The spicer the better, as for tropes, age gap, second chance, siblings best friend, friends to lovers, enemies to lover, boss/employee, why choose, best friend’s daughter/son, small-town


Followers: 1331

I’m a 31 year old Canadian who loves to read! I’ve been a nurse for about 10 years now, and that keeps me pretty busy but I always make time to read. I love everything romantasy, but read a little bit of everything.


Followers: 1026

I’m a 32 year old married stay at home mother. I homeschool both my boys, and really enjoy making sourdough bread! I love extra spicy books, dark romance is one of my favorites, along with enemies to lovers/stalker romance!


Followers: 933

21-year-old book lover. Like my books full of smut and with a cup of coffee on the side. I am a moody reader and my favorite genres are Reverse Harem, Dark romance, Sports romance and Paranormal romance


Followers: 1803

My name is Allie, I’m from the US. I work full time in higher education and am planning on publishing my first book this year! I read romance of all kinds, from cute and fluffy to wild and spicy. I love a good billionaire romance, enemies to lovers, and boss/employee!


Followers: 2605

31 yo, mom of two. Belgian 🇧🇪 married to an Afghan 🇦🇫. I work as an HR business partner. Favourite book genres: romance, fantasy, contemporary. Tropes 🫶🏼: unexpected pregnancy and fake dating.


Followers: 1146

I’m from the UK, and a recent English and American Literature graduate! I used to solely be a romance girl, however I am really in my romantasy era at the moment after reading ACOTAR last year. My favourite tropes would have to be enemies to lovers and marriage of convenience.


Followers: 1657

I am from the USA. I am a pet mom and I work in the medical field. I love to read romance, dark romance and thrillers, and a little fantasy since I’m new to fantasy. My favorite tropes are enemies to lovers and slow burn any many more.


Followers: 596

A married mom of two in the Midwest who dabbles in forensics by day and smut by night. I love to read dark romance, erotica, romantasy, etc of all spice levels and subgenres. I don’t gravitate towards or away from specific tropes.


Followers: 1102

I’m a US based reader by day and nurse by night! I love fantasy, Romance and a lot in between. Give me all the trigger warnings, spice and a morally gray man and I’m in!


Followers: 3512

I’m a dog mom of two, I’m an artist and I work in insurance. I have many book interests but the spicier, darker, and longer trigger warning list the better. I don’t take life too seriously and I love to joke around!


Followers: 1194

I am from the USA and I’m a college student, and a full time mom of three kids. I attend college online full time. I like to read anything from contemporary romance to dark romance. I also love to read smut books.


Followers: 2337

I’m 25 years old from Canada Ontario, I own cats and live with my boyfriend of 4 years , my day job is working at a grocery store bakery


Followers: 3036

Hello, I’m Kelsie! I live in the US and am currently in my second master’s program for Reading Specialist. I am a dog/cat/chicken mom and I run my own handmade home decor business as my full time job. I like to read all heat levels, and most sub genres and tropes. However, I love enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, forced proximity, and forbidden.


Followers: 371

I’m a SAHM to a one-year-old, who loves to read sports and Fantasy romance. Some of my favorite tropes are grumpy/sunshine; brothers best friend; enemies to lovers!


Followers: 1143

I’m in Colorado, US. I’m a mom of 2 boys and a rescue mutt and I run a behavioral health program for inmates. I love to read all the romance: dark, paranormal, horror, erotica, suspense, fantasy. I also love dark fairytale/mythology retellings. The spicier the better. My fav tropes are why choose, forced proximity, strangers/enemies/friends to lovers.


Followers: 1228

34 yr old she from USA, living with her punk rock husband & 1 cat child. I work at a movie theatre & enjoy crafting. My favorite genres are paranormal & dark romance. Some of my top favorite tropes are why choose, masked men and forced proximity.


Followers: 3582

Hello everyone. I am Tiffany. I reside in the US in Texas. I am a US Navy veteran, a student that is obtaining a bachelor’s degree, and a stay at home mom for my 2 daughters. I am an avid reader of romance books. I read anything from slow burn to absolutely filthy. Some of my favorite types of romance reads are romantasy, paranormal romance, and dark romance.


Followers: 5814

An almost 30-year-old tire sales woman by day, avid smut reader by night. Just a girl, her husband, her two dogs and her snake living in the PNW. I’m a girl who will read just about anything but I do prefer dark romance, monster smut and anything wildly taboo.


Followers: 10.8K

Hiiiiii! I’m Emily. I live in Virginia with my husband and two pups. I work remotely and love to sneak in reading time whenever I can. I love to read all things LGBT+, and also love the following tropes: taboo, forbidden, age gap, + mafia!


Followers: 1420

26 year old mum of 4 human babies, 1 GSD baby and lots of reptiles from Australia. I work in community services and am often pretending I’m off in the world of whatever book I’m reading at the time. I love all things dark romance and the spicier the better, but also love to read general romance and romantasy/fantasy. I have a love hate relationship with cliffhangers and am a sucker for a good small town/cowboy romance and a HEA.