My Mistletoe Master


Unexpected Changes Book One

Published: December 2016

Genre Information: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Holiday, BDSM

Length: 54,438 Words

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Book Blurb:

Nick has always wanted Amelia Fuller, his best friend’s little sister, but is he capable of overcoming a past that threatens to come between them?

Amelia Fuller has been in love with her older brother’s best friend for the better part of two decades. After working up the courage to finally tell him how she feels, he broke her heart. Now, three years later, she’s home for the Christmas holidays and finds Nick’s feelings toward her suddenly changed.

Nick doesn’t like to make the same mistake twice. When Amelia arrives home after a three-year absence, Nick Kelly decides he’s no longer going to hide the way he feels about her. His friendship with her brother and a past that left him feeling ashamed were the only things holding him back, but missing her for three long years has finally put things in perspective for Nick.

After Nick catches Amelia enjoying a little fetish pornography, he convinces her to agree to a hot fling, but much to Nick’s displeasure, she wants to keep their affair secret. Sneaking around and indulging in risky sexual play while staying at her parent’s home for the holidays won’t get Amelia everything she’s always dreamed of. Terrified to expose her heart once more, Amelia struggles to discover whether they can overcome their past.


Finally alone Amelia curled up in the family room, her laptop on the glass coffee table. Her dad had recently left for work and her mom had taken her brother Gabe to finish his Christmas shopping. Gabe always left it to the last few days. Amelia had only arrived home that morning; her exams had run late into the month, causing her to miss the beginning of the holidays. She’d only come home a few days ahead of her relatives who would soon be arriving at their custom-built country home for an extended stay.

Each year her grandparents, her aunt and uncle, and their three kids joined them for the holidays. Amelia’s parents had established themselves years ago as the annual Christmas hosts. Their parties simply couldn’t be beat, and the fact their extensive grounds could more than house all the family members certainly helped.

Taking this opportunity to enjoy the sanctuary of her childhood home before it became filled to the rafters, Amelia leaned over her laptop and opened the DVD driver to start the CD before she could change her mind. Sinking back into the couch, she waited for the videos to begin.

Amelia bit her lip in nervous anticipation as the first images flooded the screen. On the monitor, she watched as a man clad in black leather pants and nothing else restrained a woman. Slowly he raised one arm and then the other, locking them in place above her head. With her suspended from the ceiling, the man went about binding her feet to the floor. Naked and spread eagle, the woman moaned for the Dom. He denied her, slowly raking his hand over her exposed ass.

Growing wet between her legs, Amelia realized it had been too long since she’d had a man. Her body strained for more than her simple touch, but since she and her boyfriend had split two months ago, she’d just have to make do. To heighten her pleasure, she resisted her own needs, merely watching the two on the screen.

Amelia waited before she finally allowed herself to raise her own hand against her crotch. Pressing the palm of her hand against her jeans, she watched as the woman cried out in a mix of pain and pleasure as the man spanked her over and over. Moaning aloud with the video, Amelia abandoned her restraint, rocking against her hand. Her eyes drifted shut as she tugged on the button of her jeans, eager to touch herself, and begin working toward her climax.

A cough sounded behind her. She froze.MyMistletoeMaster6x9

“What a great way to start my morning.”

No longer alone, Amelia’s eyes whipped open. She’d been so caught up in the moment, she never even heard him approach. Moving quickly, she slammed the lap top closed. With the sounds of the porno cut off, Amelia whirled around. Embarrassment crashed over her in waves as she found herself standing face to face with Nick, her brother’s best friend.

She could feel his eyes on her as she gathered up her computer, hugging it to her chest. She peeked at him from behind her makeshift shield. Although she hadn’t seen much of him in recent years, he could still take her breath away. His hair was sleep tousled, and he stood in nothing but his pajama bottoms. His broad chest was as bare as his feet, his expression dark and confused.

She realized he was waiting for an explanation. Instead, she went on the defensive. “What the hell are you doing here?”

He blinked. “I’m here for the holidays, like every year.”

Amelia pressed a hand to her forehead. Of course.

“My mom didn’t tell me you were here yet,” she said lamely as though that explained her odd behaviour.

“Three days.”

At a standstill, they merely stared each other down. What he thought of her in that moment, she didn’t want to know. She could feel her cheeks heating and found herself wondering how long he had been standing there watching her.

Rounding the couch, she considered how many days she could hide in her room before her parents dragged her out. With any luck, she would manage to avoid Nick for a few days at the very least.

Aiming to shoulder her way past him so she could make a break for the stairs, Amelia put on a brave face and stalked toward him. His big body didn’t budge as she tried to manoeuvre around him.

Attempting to edge by, she mumbled, “You know, maybe we could just forget about this. You know, pretend I’m just not here yet.” She tried for a winning smile, but it faded when she saw humour light his eyes. Growing up, he and Gabe had teased her endlessly, and now she’d handed him ammunition.

“I don’t think so.” He took a step closer to her. She had to tilt her head to keep his gaze. Rascal that he was, he had the audacity to crack a smile at her discomfort. Her body was still primed for the orgasm she’d been denied. His nearness didn’t help matters. Masculinity and dominance rolled off him. People took notice when he entered a room. He wasn’t the broad and bulky type, but he was lean with a casual grace that made women think stamina.

“I can’t believe it. Never would I have thought Gabe’s little sister is such a perv.”

She narrowed her eyes, convinced he was merely trying to get a rise out of her. Well, she’d shock him right back. “It’s just a little kink.”

His smile deepened. It worried her.

“I trust you won’t tell anyone.” She tried to keep the pleading out of her tone.

“What’s it worth to you?”

This was the Nick she remembered from her childhood—rebel, tease, scoundrel. She gritted her teeth and insisted, “You won’t tell.”

“Well that depends on you, sweetheart.”

Her gaze dropped to his mouth. Amelia fought the surge of butterflies that soared at his softly spoken words. “What do you want?”

Bonus Prologue Scene: The Mistletoe Kiss

3 Years Earlier

Taking a sip from her beer Amelia watched Nick from across the crowded room. Tonight he wore brown slacks, cinched at the waist with a dark dress belt, and a black dress shirt pulled tight over his wide chest. He’d left the first few buttons open, exposing his tanned skin. The urge to flick her tongue over his beautifully sculpted collar bones, while unbuttoning the remainder of his shirt had her licking her lips.

“Stop ogling him.” Amy, her best friend, nudged her.

“I think she should make a move.” Geneva wore a diabolical smile.

The three of them continued to watch Nick as he stood in a group with Amelia’s older brother, Gabe, and a few of their buddies from high school. Two ladies openly flirted with him, and the charmer that he was, he flashed them a smile. The blonde took it for encouragement and patted the front of his shirt. Letting her pet him, Nick reached over and brushed a strand of hair from the red head’s face. Her blush nearly matched the color of her hair.

Disgusted, Amelia turned away.

Geneva couldn’t contain her glee. “Really, I think you should go for it.”

Amelia regretted the fact that she’d stupidly confessed to Geneva about her crush. It was one thing to trust Amy, but Geneva was a different matter entirely. She had a big mouth, and Amelia was sure it wouldn’t take much for Geneva to plunge a knife into the back of anyone she called a friend.

Geneva probably thought if Amelia made a move on Nick it would end in disaster. But even thinking that, Amelia wavered over Geneva’s suggestion. What if it didn’t end in disaster?

“Don’t listen to her.” Amy, the voice of reason, stated.

Amelia looked at her friends, then stared across the room in Nick’s direction. The blonde had neatly tucked herself beneath his arm. Turning away, Amelia let out a long sigh before draining the rest of her beer.

Amy took that as agreement. “Let’s go dance.”

Each year Amelia’s parents threw the city’s biggest Christmas party. Always a few days before Christmas, it was a huge success. Most people got hammered and had to be taxied home, but everyone enjoyed themselves, and donations from the evening went to a local children’s foundation to ensure that every child had a wonderful Christmas.

Amelia followed her friends to the dance floor. Half an hour later she spotted Nick coming toward her through the throng of people. Geneva intercepted him before Amelia got a chance.

“Hey, Nick! Want to dance?” Not giving him the opportunity to escape she started bumping her booty up against him. Amelia sawed her back teeth

With a frown Nick pried Geneva away from him. He held out a hand toward Amelia. “Nope, I just came for Amelia.”

Her knees weakened at his statement. If only it were true.

She placed her fingers in his palm. As if he couldn’t get away from her friends fast enough he grabbed her hand and tugged her away. He ushered her through the crowd pulling her behind him. He removed them from the dance crowd to a more remote location before finally stopping.

“No offense but your friend Gen is a bit of a bitch.”

Unsure where that statement had come from Amelia raised her brows in surprise, but she wasn’t about to deny it. “What’s up? What’s so important?”

Reminded that he’d pulled her away from her friends, Nick started to scan the crowd. “Your grandparents are leaving and your grandma wanted to say goodbye.”

MyMistletoeMaster6x9That was a little weird. Her grandparents stayed with them over the holidays. She’d see them in the morning.

“There she is.” Spotting the older woman, Nick grabbed Amelia’s wrist and proceeded to tug her toward the entrance. In her heels she struggled to keep up with his long legged stride. She was absorbed in the way his ass moved in those snug dress pants when she felt his thumb flick across the back of her hand. A second later he rubbed his forefinger against her palm. The very idea that he was caressing her hand within his own sent her heart into overdrive. Had he done it on purpose?

Stopping just short of her grandmother he released her. She flinched as his warmth left her. “Tammy, your granddaughter,” Nick said with just a touch of flourish.

“Thank you Nicholas.” Smiling she cupped Nick’s cheek. “Now why don’t you run along? George should be here with our coats soon enough, and I want a word with Amelia before I go.”

With narrowed eyes Nick glanced at Amelia as if she was part of some great conspiracy against him. Her grandmother had a great relationship with Nick, the two got along as if Nick was part of the family, and due to the large amount of time he’d spent at their house while growing up her parents had all but adopted him.

But Nick wasn’t the only one that Grandma had a soft spot for. Amelia hadn’t told her grandmother about her crush, Tammy Evans had figured it out on her own, and like a dog with a bone she hadn’t let it go. For a few years now she’d taken great pleasure in making suggestive comments in an attempt to push them together

He eyed them a moment longer, causing Grandma to chuckle at his skepticism, but he relented. After a peck on her cheek, Nick said goodbye and wished her a safe travel back to the house.

The second he was out of ear shot grandma grasped Amelia’s arm and yanked her close. “Tonight’s the night my dear.”

Dumbfounded Amelia frowned.

“You need to let that boy know how you feel.”

“Grandma,” Amelia scolded.

“You’ve been at university for over four months now. Have you found anything better?”

“You really shouldn’t meddle Grandma.”

Tammy Evans was a notorious busy body. “You don’t care about him anymore?”

Amelia gave up. “You know how I feel.”

“You need to tell him how you feel.” Her grandma motioned in the direction Nick had gone.

“But what if he doesn’t feel the same?”

Grandma snorted. “I’ve told you about the Spring Fling?”

Amelia rolled her eyes. Only about a million times! “You know you have.”

She tugged on Amelia’s arm. “That’s because it’s important! If you don’t tell them they’ll never get it. You need to be honest and forthright about these types of things.”

“But you know how Nick is,” Amelia complained.

Women flocked to him and he had no troubles reciprocating.

“He’s the type of boy that’ll kiss all the girls except the one that matters.”

At the old saying Amelia rolled her eyes again.

Realizing she wasn’t getting through, her grandmother grasped both her arms and gently shook her. “Amelia! You listen to me. Nothing is going to happen unless you make it happen.”

Tears pricked the back of her eyes. “But what if he says no. What if he doesn’t want me?”

Her expression softened. “Honey, he does. He just doesn’t know how to tell you.”

Amelia submitted. “Tell me what to do.”

An hour later it was nearing midnight. The older crowd was thinning, going home to their beds, leaving the younger crowd to their consumption of alcohol, food, and dancing.  Amelia had spent most of the time dancing with her friends. Throughout the evening she kept an eye on Nick, tracking his whereabouts and monitoring his actions. Occasionally she’d spent some time hanging out with her brother’s friends, just for the opportunity to be closer to Nick. A few of Gabe’s buddies had tried to hit on her, but between her lack of interest and her brother’s death glare they’d quickly backed off.

It was Nick that interested her. Yes he’d flirted with a lot of girls, but never the same one for an extended period of time. He’d been asked to dance, but each time he’d turned it down. All the telltale signs that he planned to go home alone.

She’d had a few more drinks throughout the hour, biding her time, waiting to put her grandmother’s plan into action. It was simple enough. Get him under some mistletoe and kiss him. If he kissed her back she’d succeeded, if not she could blame it on the mistletoe.

Sitting with her friends for a much needed rest Amelia saw her chance. Gabe’s group had diminished to only a few guys. With no woman clinging to Nick’s side, now might be her best opportunity to pull him away.

Her body tingling from a mix of alcohol and excitement. Amelia lifted her beer and downed the last of her drink. “Can you hold this?” Absently, Amelia thrust the glass at Amy.

Amy took the glass, but clued in right away. “No, Amelia. Don’t do this.”

Geneva looked around and quickly caught on. “Don’t listen to her. Go for it.”

Amelia shook off Amy’s hands. “Don’t.”

Grudgingly Amy yielded.

With Amy glaring, and Geneva and Lynn being obnoxiously loud Amelia approached.

Gabe greeted her, “Hey sis, what’s up?”

She barely spared him a glance, her eyes locked on her target. “Can I talk to you for a minute?”

Nick looked to her brother for help, but Gabe merely shrugged. Nick considered her for a long moment before agreeing. “Uh, sure.”

He started to lead her toward the front entrance, but she redirected them. “No, this way.”

His buddies heckled him, and behind them her friends were making a drunken racket, but Amelia ignored them all as she took him down the hallway toward the study. The study, converted into a sitting room for the party was sure to be empty at this time of the night. She stopped in the entrance way.

Nick crossed his arms over his chest. “What’s the matter?”

She looked past him. Unfortunately they were still in full view of everyone. “Um, nothing.”

Unconvinced Nick leaned in the doorframe. “Then why’d you pull me over here?”

She looked up at him, her heart pounding. They were under the mistletoe. Her high heels removed some of the height advantage he had, and if she leaned forward a bit she could kiss him. She glanced at his lips. “It’s Christmas time.”

Lowering his arms he stepped closer throwing her off balance. He flashed his charming, devil-may-care smile. “Yeah, I noticed. What’s up Amelia?”

Nervously she played with a button on the front of his shirt. “That’s a good question.”

“Amelia,” his tone was stern. He was running out of patience.

Her hands were shaking as she pointed to the ceiling.

They both looked up.

“Oh.” The syllable escaped before he peeked back down at her. He raised one brow. “Seriously?” He chuckled when she shrugged. “Fine.”

Leaning down he kissed her cheek, in a brother-like fashion.

Oh no! She thought, you’re not getting away that easy.

When he went to pull away she cupped his face and stepped toward him, locking lips. Shock held him still before he was swept up in the moment. Soon he was kissing her back.

Excitement bubbled through her as she enjoyed the taste of his lips.

* * * *

Lost in the texture of her sweet mouth, Nick allowed her to touch her tongue to his lips. Settling his hands on her hips he fingered her soft silver dress before exploring her waist. Angling his head for a better fit he let her push her tongue into his mouth. Tasting her more deeply proved to be the bucket of cold water he needed.

Alarm shoved its way to the forefront of his thoughts. Nick’s eyes opened. Swallowing, he pushed her back.

What the hell was he doing making out with Gabe’s sister? He glanced backward and saw the wide eyed stare of not only his friends but hers as well, and right smack in the middle of it was Gabe. Fists balled, eyes bulging, muscled bunched, he looked ready to charge.


He motioned for his friend to give him a minute, and God willing Gabe would knock it off long enough for Nick to sort out this mess on his own.

Turning back to Amelia he watched as the innocent look faded from her eyes.

“Come here,” he all but growled. He dragged her into the sitting room, thankful that no one occupied it. “What the fuck was that?”

Her features full of fear, she shrugged. “Mistletoe.”

“Don’t give me that bullshit. You just stuck your tongue down my throat for all to see.” It was a lie. He’d participated as thoroughly as she had.

Angry they stared each other down.

This was the girl that had worshiped him since they were kids. As children they’d sometimes played together, but as they had gotten older he’d taken to pushing her away. No matter how hard he tried he’d never be good enough for her. It would be better for her to find someone else, to stop chasing after him.

It had been difficult to ignore her awkward flirting when she was a teenager, but to turn her away now was painful. She’d become a beautiful, brunette bombshell, and deep down part of him wanted to claim her for his own.

He had to get them back on track. “Your brother is going to murder me.”

She huffed. “That’s what you’re thinking about right now?”

Nick pressed the heels of his hands into his eyes. Of course that wasn’t what he was thinking. What he was thinking was R rated. Dirty, sweaty and totally inappropriate for an audience.


Not feeling any better he lowered his hands. This catastrophe had Tammy Evan’s stink all over it. Chest heaving he asked, “What the hell where you thinking?”

Biting her lower lip, she paused.

“Well?” He insisted.

Finally, hands on her hips, she confessed, “I’m in love with you.”

He’d seen this coming for years now, but it still hurt like a physical blow. He wanted to pull her into his arms, to say and do all the things he’d dreamt of. But if reality had taught him one thing it was that dreams were there to be crushed.

“I’m well aware of that. You’ve made it pretty damn clear over the years.”

“Then why haven’t you done anything about it.”

“I did exactly what I should have done about it. Nothing.”

Amelia shook, tears welling in her eyes. “You can’t mean that.”

He’d come from a family of low life, welfare sponging drunks. Sure, he’d rose above it, he had a decent job, and he would make a decent living, but she deserved better than that. She deserved better than him.

Like ripping off a band aid Nick decided to get it over with. “I really do. Now go find someone else to bug.”

Without looking back Nick strode out of the room. Going to rejoin his buddies, he stopped when Gabe headed his way. “What the hell?”

“Don’t worry, it’s dealt with.”

Gabe took in his solemn expression and let it go.

A moment later Amelia emerged, her cheeks wet, her face red. She quickly brushed passed them, and strode by her friends without a word. Amy, her best friend, sent him a dirty look before charging after Amelia.

Feeling like the bastard he pretended not to be, Nick tried desperately to forget the way she tasted.