Contemporary Series

Unexpected Changes Series

My Mistletoe Master

Unexpected Changes #1

Nick and Amelia’s story

Released December 2016

Nick has always wanted Amelia Fuller, his best friend’s little sister, but is he capable of overcoming a past that threatens to come between them?

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Not His Type

Unexpected Changes #2

Gabe and Brooke’s story

Released January 2017

What do you do when the woman you desire is dead set on proving she doesn’t need you?

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The Perfect Fix

Unexpected Changes #3

Ed and Emma’s story

Released May 2017

Ed Moore and Emma Berk have the same goal: to forget the horrible things they witnessed while overseas. Together can they find a way to heal?

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Somewhere to Belong

Unexpected Changes #4

Kevin and Lillian’s story

Released November 2017

Break up, after break up, has Kevin swearing off relationships, until he shares a passionate one-night stand with a sexy redhead. When fate thrusts them back together, will all his problems be solved, or will it only cause more?

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Unexpected Bliss

A novella

Liam and Grayson’s story

Released February 2018

Looking for something easy and uncomplicated, Grayson takes a risk by asking out the sales clerk who has obvious hang-ups. Can Grayson get Liam to open up about his true desires?

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Love Me or Leave Me Series

Playing with Michael 

Love Me or Leave Me #1

Michael and Nikki’s story

Released November 2018

When his long-time crush Nikki gets dumped, Michael decides to make his move. She’s the perfect girlfriend — so perfect so that she’s never single for long. Michael knows his window of opportunity is limited. It’s now or never.

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Working for Mr. Winters

Love Me or Leave Me #2

Allan and Candice’s story

Released January 2019

With a job interview looming, Candice is nervous about what her future holds. She’s not sure she’s qualified to work in a brewery, even if the job is as an administrative assistant. Despite her doubts, she decides to give it her best.

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Risking it With Scott

Love Me or Leave Me #3

Scott and Mercedes’ story

Released April 2019

Will pride keep her from enjoying the pleasure she finds in his arms? Can Scott overlook past pain and risk his heart all over again?

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Tempting Officer Mason

Love Me or Leave Me #4

Heath and Riley’s story

Released June 2019

Can one night together satisfy years of cravings, or will it only complicate their relationship?

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Protecting Joyce

Love Me or Leave Me #5

Alex and Joyce’s story

Released October 2019

Alex wants to be more than Joyce‘s security blanket. But does she need to be saved from him?

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Love Me or Leave Me Paperback

Paperback includes all five stories from the Love Me or Leave Me series, as well as a bonus short story entitled Make Me Beg

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Naughty or Nice Series

The Naughty List

Naughty or Nice #1

Can Kylie be naughty enough to get on Santa’s list this Christmas?

Released December 2019

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Her Naughty Secret

Naughty or Nice #2

A notorious snoop with a voyeuristic streak has her own secrets. When one is discovered, will her world unravel?

Released December 2020

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Stand Alone Stories

Holiday Shorts

The Winter Storm, An Unexpected Christmas Gift, A Little Bit of Naughty, and Neptune’s Passion

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