Not His Type

Unexpected Changes Book Two

Published: March 22 2024

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Genre Information: Contemporary,  Erotic Romance, Multiple Partners, f/f/f/f/m scenes

This story may involves triggers for some people, and discusses topics such as suicide, eating disorders, and self-harm.

Length: 67,490 Words


Book Blurb:

She was the dysfunctional girl that stalked him in high school. Now, she’s back in town, placed unwillingly in his path. Brooke hopes to prove that she no longer has feelings for Gabe. Unfortunately, her boss insists she approach Gabe with a business offer, forcing her into his company once more.

Normally Brooke’s presence infuriates Gabe, but the distance she tries to place between them frustrates him. Lust replaces the anger and resentment he ordinarily felt for her.

He chips away at her defenses, introducing her to pleasures she’d never imagined. She says yes, when she should say no, making her wonder if she’s changed at all or if she’s going to fall back into habits she’s struggled to bury.

Author note: While this story is a m/f HEA, there are several scenes involving other women. f/f/f/f/m

This book also contains content that may be triggering for some readers. Please check the content warning.


Excerpt (unedited pre-2024 excerpt. New excerpt coming soon):

She was playing with fire. Time to end the game before she got burned. Standing up, she stepped around him. “I’ve changed.”

He tracked her movements. When Brooke started backing toward the door, his fingers began drumming over the wooden frame of the desk. “Regardless. It’s still me you want.”

Her mind screamed no. Her heart, her body, cried yes.

“Call me when you’ve read the contract.” Brooke turned and sprinted for the door.

In heels, she wasn’t fast enough. She’d barely opened the door a few inches when Gabe’s palm slapped the surface, shutting it once more.

He edged closer.

She felt the coarse hair of his beard rub against her cheek before he dipped his face lower. With his nose in the crook of her neck, she heard his deep inhale and wondered how they’d even gotten here.

She circled around, aligning her back with the door. “What will it take to get you to read and sign the contract?”

“Don’t worry about the contract.”

“Then what do you want? What will it take for you to let me walk out of here?”

“I want you to come back to the motel. I want you to give it a try.” His brown eyes narrowed. “An honest try.”