Clayridge Chronicles 

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Clayridge Chronicles series. Clayridge is a fictional city filled will all sorts of fanciful and paranormal creatures. Stories featured in this series will follow different couples as they discover love in this fun-filled world. The main series, The Clayridge Chronicles will have an on-going plot line, but there will be spin-off series. The Tails from the Clayridge Fountain are spin-off shorter stories, however they can be read in conjuncture with the main series to enrich the reader’s experience.

Love Spells, Full Moons, Silver Bullets

Book 1

Available March 1 2022

The Siren and the Water Witch

Tails from the Clayridge Fountain (Book 1)

Expected Release Date September 16 2022

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The Siren and the Hellhound

Tails from the Clayridge Fountain (Book 2)

Expected Release Date November 18 2022

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Blood Lust and Black Magic

Book 2

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