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She must find her fated mate to escape her father’s control… before it’s too late.

The mating pull has been calling Callum north, toward a pack known for its archaic treatment of women. The ruthless alpha controlling the pack rules like a tyrant. It’s the last place Callum wants to be, but he’s convinced his mate will be there—and she needs his help.

Vivian lives in fear of her father. He’s conditioned her to be the perfect mate – complacent and docile. Now, he’s threatening to force her into their pack’s outdated mating ritual, or he’ll mate her off to one of his awful friends.

Callum, her fated mate, is the only man who can save her. With her father’s threat looming, and the mating ritual only days away, she’s unsure if she can convince Callum to imprint on her in time. She’s not exactly the mate he’s always wanted, and now she has to prove to them both that a fulfilling and modern partnership is something she can handle.