Unexpected Bliss

Unexpected Changes Book Five

Published: Re-release May 24th 2024

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Genre Information: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, M/M, Gay, BDSM elements

Length: Novella (26,010 Words)


Looking for something easy and uncomplicated, Grayson takes a risk by asking out the sales clerk who has obvious hang-ups. Can Grayson get Liam to open up about his true desires?

Not quite ready to let go of his last relationship, Liam hesitates when Grayson comes striding into his life. Knowing he needs to move on, Liam decides to give a new relationship a try. He’s attracted to Grayson’s hard body and kind but persistent personality. It all seems to be going well until his ex-boyfriend shows up, ruining everything Liam has built with Grayson.

Grayson was looking for something uncomplicated when he first met Liam. Despite Liam’s hesitation, Grayson was eager to make it work. But when the sex leaves Liam cold and distant, Grayson isn’t sure what to think. A relationship with the sexy sales clerk is anything but simple, and when Liam’s ex shows up uncomplicated is left writhing in the dust.

Can they move past the secrets Liam’s been keeping? Can Grayson find a way to unlock Liam’s sexuality, and more importantly, his heart?


Big men were such a turn on for Liam.

And the man who had just walked into his store was definitely that. He was wide through the shoulders, with a thick muscular neck, and thighs that strained his denim jeans. He had Liam thinking things he most certainly should not be thinking.

Putting lust aside, Liam approached the big man and the friend he’d brought in with him. “Hey there, welcome to Nothing But You. Is there anything I can help you find?”

“No, just browsing,” the friend said.

“Right, well, I’m Liam, and if you need a hand finding something, don’t hesitate to ask.”

The man nodded, and with the big guy in tow, headed toward the back of the store. Liam returned to sorting and folding panties, one of the most dreaded jobs in his line of work. He kept an eye on the two men as they moved from rack to rack. Generally, when men came to the lingerie shop, they were accompanied by their wives or girlfriends. It was rare they got a pair of men shopping together. To be on the safe side, Liam monitored them.

They didn’t approach any of the clientele nor the female staff members, so they weren’t there to hit on women. In fact, they looked almost uncomfortable.

He so wasn’t in the mood to deal with shoplifters. Not with a half an hour until closing time.

Most of the lingerie was tagged with anti-theft devices. Other than stuffing panties in their pockets, they couldn’t get away with anything of real value.

Alicia approached, distracting him temporarily. “I have a scheduling issue I need to talk to you about.”

Alicia was one of his newest hires, blonde, attractive, and sweet. He liked to hire bubbly non-threatening women. He wouldn’t stand for catty behavior. He preferred to work with a team that got along well. So far Alicia was fitting in nicely. Unfortunately, she was starting part-time studies at college, and so far scheduling shifts around her classes had been hell.

“Come with me.” He led Alicia to the back, stopping briefly to instruct Lana, another sales associate, to keep an eye out for sketchy behavior.

In the back, they sorted out Alicia’s problem, and he made a note of her new class schedule for future reference. As they chatted, his gaze continued to flick up to the security monitors. The two men moved from one rack to study the collection on the wall.

He was in the middle of asking Alicia how she was getting along in her new position when movement on the monitor caught his eye. Lana was heading toward the back room. Seconds later the door opened. “Liam, can we switch for a minute?”

Concerned that his suspicion had been correct, Liam said, “What’s wrong?”

Her voice was quiet when she replied, “I have to use the bathroom.”

Passing a few unopened boxes of replenishment stock, as well as the bin of damaged items, Liam headed for the door. Lana made her way to the staff washroom, nestled in the far corner of the room. The rules stated that one staff member had to be on the floor at all times, and Alicia was too new to leave on the floor by herself.

“What should I work on now?” Alicia followed him through the area with the changing rooms and onto the floor.

Whispering to one another, the two men spotted Liam. The one he’d addressed at the entrance was frowning, but the big guy headed toward Liam.

With a hand on the small of her back, Liam instructed Alicia, “The panties on the front table need to be sorted before we can go home tonight.”

After a bubbly response, Alicia started in that direction, leaving Liam to square off with the big man.