Somewhere to Belong

Unexpected Changes Book Four

Published: Re-release Date June 7th 2024

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Genre Information: Contemporary, Erotic Romance

Length: 52,018 Words


Too many break ups, has Kevin swearing off all things romance until a one-night stand that changes his life.

His deepest desire is to have a family—a wife and kids—but after having his heart broken one too many times, Kevin decides a happily ever after is not for him. A hot one-night stand has him reconsidering his philosophy, but she disappears the following morning, leaving only a note and a lingering memory.

As a single mother, Lillian has more pressing things to deal with—like finding a new home for her and her children—so she tries to put the sexy stranger out of her mind. Having no luck with multiple realtors, Lillian agrees to try out a new agent—and ends up face to face with the man she ran out on only weeks before.

He’s expecting the client from hell. Instead, the woman he’s been fantasizing about comes waltzing in with two kids in tow. Finding her the right home is more than a struggle, and pretending he no longer desires her…is impossible.


Lillian woke with a warm body next to hers. She wondered if her prayers had been answered as she held her breath. She glanced over her shoulder at the stranger who had so thoroughly owned her body the night before, and disappointment crashed through her.

Every single first had been difficult. She’d known this one would be as well. As she sank into the mattress, Lillian released that pent-up breath.

That’s when she realized she wasn’t in her room and her head was pounding. She was thankful she hadn’t gotten completely wasted, and only suffered a headache and a little dry mouth.

She glanced at the hotel alarm and noted the time—5:45. By the time they’d fallen asleep, it had been well after two in the morning. That could be another reason for her headache.

Part of her wanted to linger in bed and wake the sexy blond stranger with kisses, but the rational part of her knew she needed to get out. Now. She couldn’t afford to waste time with him, and she didn’t want to spoil the magic of last night with silly things like names and real facts about themselves. Last night had been perfect. Exactly what she needed.

She wouldn’t regret it.

She wouldn’t let anything spoil it.

Careful not to wake him, Lillian slipped out from beneath the covers and tiptoed toward her clothing. Two minutes later she was standing in a wrinkled dress, itching at her bra, and wincing at her high heels. With a hand on the door, she felt a twinge of remorse. She crept over to the desk and penned a quick note. Folding it, she left it on the pillow next to him and slunk out of the room.

Dear Greg,

Had a lovely time last night.


Once in the hallway, Lillian pulled out her phone to ensure she hadn’t missed any calls. Tucking it into her purse, she headed for the elevator. Three floors up she entered the room she shared with one of the other bridesmaids. The woman, still in her dress from the night before, laid half beneath the covers. Her loud snoring filled the room.

Ignoring her, Lillian went about her business. After changing into a comfortable bra, t-shirt and sweats, she gathered her toiletries and various other items from the room. She’d kept most of her belongings contained in her suitcase, so it didn’t take long for her to pack up. Her make-up was strewn about, but once she collected her eyeshadow palettes and lip glosses, she rolled her bag out the door.

On the elevator ride to the lobby she contemplated calling her mother, but considering the early hour, she didn’t want to wake anyone up. When she arrived at her mother’s house, she’d have a chance to check on Mackenzie and Cole, until then she’d let them be.

At first, she’d relished her night of freedom, but quickly realized how much she missed them. She’d called to wish them goodnight. Their grandparents were obviously keeping them preoccupied. Each of her children mumbled a quick “night, Mom” before leaving the phone with their grandmother in favor of spending time with grandpa.

Her mother had claimed everything was fine, and that she should enjoy herself, but Lillian couldn’t help the overwhelmingly lonely sensation. Sure that she was missing vital moments of her kid’s lives, she’d headed back to the ballroom and seriously considered leaving the reception early.

Then she’d spotted the blond stranger.

He’d been the perfect distraction.

He’d been the first man she’d slept with since the death of her husband.