About Cameron

About Cameron (The Official One)

Romance author Cameron Allie grew up in a small town north of Toronto. As a child she loved stories, and after reading her first romance novel at age fifteen, her dreams of writing became singularly focused on the love story. She is currently living in Ontario with her husband, their young daughters and with their cat, who is constantly trying to interrupt the writing process.


What do I write:

I love writing love stories. I’ve always enjoyed reading about the journey two people take when they fall in love. Watching a strong, sexy alpha man get thrown off course by a woman who generally caused nothing but chaos and disruption in his life, is such a thrill. So that’s what I write. Two (sometimes more) people falling in love and all the bumps that they endure along the way.

Currently I write contemporary erotic romance, but in the fall I’ll have my first PNR shifter story come out. Not long after that I hope to have a few more PNR and even some sci-fi stories available for you. Mostly my stories feature M/F relationships, however, this autumn I will be releasing a few short M/M love stories as well. I believe that love knows no boundaries, and I write my characters without limits in regards to sexuality, race and beliefs.

Under the Books page you’ll find more details about each book. Often I have bonus scenes that I’ve included along with the blurb and excerpt.

About my blog:

My blog is a space I use to post about writing and reading. I host a lot of authors, and I’ve just started a new segment called Hook Me Harder where I critique the WIP of authors who have volunteered their stories for me to look at.

In my blog I also like to post “Sandbox” scenes. These are sort of like deleted scenes or bonus scenes. They involve characters that you’ve read about, and give me a chance to play, but aren’t essential to a reader’s understand of the novel. For example I wrote one featuring Nick and Amelia from My Mistletoe Master, called Gym Class.

What’s next?

Under News you can find all the latest updates from me, this will include cover reveals, news and upcoming releases. Currently I’m working on the final stories in the Unexpected Changes series, as well as the final stories in the Our Love Story series. I’ve also begun work on The Breeder, a sci-fi reverse harem trilogy. But the next stories you’ll see from me will be some PNR!

You can also sign up for my newsletter (via the Contact page). My newsletters will include author features, free ebooks, and often exclusive contests for things like homemade bookmarks, swag packs, ebooks, and gift cards. Alternatively, I have just begun a new newsletter which provides readers with a R-rated excerpt from upcoming releases and from books on special promotion. If you’d like to sign up this newsletter you can do so here: I Want Sexy Excerpts!

Why erotic romance?

I originally set out to write romance novels. I started with a historical paranormal romance, which I pitched several years ago. The book was not ready, for many reasons, and one day I hope to revisit it. A few years went by, and I started multiple writing projects (as I always do!), but life got in the way of completing any of them (university, wedding, first house, the dreaded day job).

My university writing professor once told me that the most well written part of a short story I had handed in was the sex scene, which got me thinking, maybe I should try writing and publishing an erotic romance first. I figured that was the fastest and easiest scene I had ever written, so why not give erotica a try? I’ve come to learn that the love scenes are generally one of the most difficult parts of writing an erotic romance.

Often my ideas start off as a question. So I asked myself if you had a crush on your older brother’s best friend, and he’d turned you down, what would be the worst thing that could happen to you? Well, he could walk in on you masturbating to a spanking porno. That would be pretty mortifying. And that’s how Nick and Amelia came into existence.

The Cat

Darcy is our spoiled little tabby cat. She was a wedding present from my sister and brother. She’s a shelter cat. I say spoiled because she has her own water fountain, WAY too many toys, and we just love her to bits. She’s not named after Darcy Tucker, nor Mr. Darcy. She’s just Darcy, our lovable, sometimes indifferent, feline.