Eligibility for Entries and Judges

Judges Eligibility

Judges must be active on Bookstagram.

Romance Requirement

  • Stories in this contest must be categorized as romance. Which means they need to have a HEA (Happily Ever After) or HFN (Happy For Now) ending.
  • The only exception to this rule is if the story is part of an ongoing series. Authors are required to disclose whether their entry is part of a series and must confirm that their series will include a HEA or HFN resolution at the completion of the series.

Eligibility for Entries

  • Books must have a publication date between May 2023-April 2024.
  • The book has been thoroughly edited, and as error free as possible.
  • Entries can be traditionally or independently published.
  • The contest is open internationally, with the exception of the Canadian category, which is for Canadian authors and Canadian judges only.
  • Bookstagrammers judging the contest can enter the contest but they CAN NOT enter the category they are judging.
  • Entries must be between 40,000-150,000 words.
  • Entries CAN be re-releases, but there needs to be a publisher change and/or significant manuscript changes to be considered.

The Canadian Category

There is one category that is reserved for Canadian authors only. It will be judged by Canadian Bookstagrammers.


A Note About Discrimination

  • All romance authors are permitted to enter the contest regardless of ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.
  • All Bookstragrammers are eligible to judge the contest regardless of ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.
  • All books are to be given fair and just scores based on their quality, NOT on the author’s sexuality, race or religious beliefs.