Hello everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your holidays. Yesterday we started the 2018 holiday blog tour. I featured myself yesterday (LOL) because I didn’t want to bug too many people on Christmas morning.

Each day from now until January 2nd I’ll be featuring a different author on the blog. They’ll be answering some holiday themed questions for us, giving us a peek into one of their stories, and offering up a contest giveaway. So be sure to check out the awesome line up, enter some contests, and find some new reads!

Today we’ve got Adriana Anders joining us. I met her in 2017 at the Romantic Times Convention in Atlanta. She was sitting next to me at the book signing. We got chatting that day, and exchanged information. Since she’s new to the blog let’s give her a warm welcome!

What is your favourite Christmas song?

I love them all! I’m a Christmas eve baby and there’s nothing I love more than the holidays—the songs, the bright decorations, the food… As a kid I felt so lucky—like it was all for me!

What food do you most look forward to over the holidays?

My mother’s French, so we never had typically American holiday food. It was always a mix of hams and seafood and veggies. I LOVE oysters. So let’s go with that.

Do you have a holiday beverage you like? Alcoholic or non-alcoholic?

I am a shameless lover of boozy Eggnog. Every year, a friend makes it. It takes about an evening for us to finish the first bottle.

Yum! Boozy Eggnog! I like rum, and eggnog is a great drink to mix it with. Maybe I’ll get to have some next holiday, still can’t drink yet. Is there a book you like reading at this time of year?

I have a 1970s version of The Night Before Christmas that I’ll never tire of. We pull it out and read it to our kids every Christmas and, every time, it’s the coziest walk down memory lane

Do you participate in Boxing Day shopping? Is Boxing Day a tradition in your country?

We’re not big on Boxing Day in the US (or in France, where we currently live), but I LOVED the one Boxing Day that I spent in the UK years ago. We spent the entire day lazing around, eating leftovers and watching TV. We then walked to the pub, I think, which is honestly the best way to finish off a lazy day.

Do you get your shopping done in advance or leave it to the last minute?

I’m an in advance type of person, because otherwise the anxiety kills me. My husband, however, waits for the 24th to roll around before even thinking about gifts. Given that it’s my birthday and generally the stores are a mess… well, it’s not pleasant for anyone. 🙂

I hate the crowds! Best to get it done early, I agree. What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

A Christmas Story. I’m not sure why, honestly. But I watch it every year and every year it cracks me up. “Not a finger!” The sad thing is that my kids are too scared to watch it!

When do you decorate your house?

I started just after Thanksgiving this year. I love the lights and the colors and I feel like we might as well enjoy them for as long as possible!

When you were a child what was the best Christmas gift you remember receiving?

You know what’s hilarious? I don’t remember a single one. I remember the meals and movies and caroling, but not a single present. So, I guess I should keep that in mind with my own children.

Is there a unique holiday tradition your family keeps?

Opening the stockings is something we like to do in our beds in the morning, so Santa has to fill them and drop them in our rooms at night, instead of by the chimney. Our kids bring their stockings to our bed to show us all the fabulous gifts.

When do you open Christmas presents?

Christmas morning. It takes forever.

What’s your favourite outdoor winter activity? If it doesn’t snow where you live what makes it feel like Christmas to you?

We LOVE sledding. Sadly, the area we now live in doesn’t get any snow (it barely freezes), so we’ll have to forego sledding for the next few years. Sniff.


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Adriana Anders is the award-winning author of the Love at Last series and Blank Canvas series. Under Her Skin, a Publishers Weekly Best Book of 2017 and double recipient of the HOLT Medallion award, was featured in Bustle, USA Today Happy Ever After, and Book Riot. Today, she resides with her husband and two small children on the coast of France, where she writes the stories of her heart. Visit Adriana’s Website for her current booklist: https://www.adrianaanders.com/

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I pulled her out of a near-fatal car crash, brought her home, patched her up. Now we’re stuck together, snowed in for the holidays. And I never want her to leave.