This year was weird.

It was the first year I did not have a new release. My first book came out in December 2016, and since then I’ve had at least one or two books out each year, sometimes more like 5 new releases.

But in the last few years I’ve made some changes. I self published for the first time. I wrote in some new genres, and started some new series.

I’ve made some mistakes in my publishing journey, and I’ve learned a lot.

But 2023 was the first year I haven’t had a new release. *sigh*

Why no new releases in 2023?

Well, my kids are little and we’re homeschooling. It’s been a challenge. Between doctors appointments, parenting, a scary trip to the hospital for our oldest, the start of part time schooling, and my husband working A LOT of overtime, getting fresh words in has been a challenge.

In addition to just life getting in the way, I’ve been jumping from project to project. I have several series on the go, and that’s made things more difficult. So I’ve done little bits here and there.

Which leads us to 2024 and my goals…

I have a lot of goals and things I want to accomplish in 2024. I’m going to break it down here and come December 2024 I’ll be able to look back and see how I did. I want to highlight my writing/publishing goals, my social media goals, and my personal goals. With the kids in school part time now I have more time to write and accomplish my goals. My main goal being: finally make an income off my writing and be able to contribute to the household financially. 

I have been published for 7 years now and I don’t think I’ve ever made more than $300 total in any given year, and that’s with over 20 books out. That needs to change.

How will it change?
  • Taking my rights back
  • Self publishing
  • New covers
  • More bonus content
  • Increased social media and promotion
  • Putting out some new releases
  • Working towards completing series

My Writing/Publishing Goals for 2024:

  • 2024 will see the re-release of the Unexpected Changes series. That means re-editing, proofing, formating, covering and releasing 5 books (My Mistletoe Master, Not His Type, The Perfect Fix, Somewhere to Belong, and Unexpected Bliss). See there new covers here.
  • 2024 will also see the release of Callum (Pack Trouble book 2). Callum is well over halfway finishing, and I hope to have it to the publisher by mid-month.
  • 2024 will hopefully see the release of Blood Lust and Black Magic (Clayridge book 2). I have barely starting writing this book. Ideally, it’s like to have it done and released by the end of July. But I’m not sure if that’s realistic.
  • 2024: maybe the Naughty or Nice series will be re-released.
  • 2024: maybe a holiday short story collection
  • 2024: maybe a short novella for Clayridge
  • 2024: might introduce the idea of a new contemporary BDSM series

Ideally, I’d like to have most of these listed books out by the end of the year. I’m hoping that come 2025 I will be focusing on looking ahead, and aiming to put out at least 1 contemporary, 1 Pack Trouble, and 1 Clayridge book each year moving forward.

Social Media Goals:

In 2024 I’m planning on:

  • Sending more consistent newsletters. At least once a month, generally with a new release update
  • Posting more consistently on my FB page and in my FB reader groups
  • Hosting a weekly author takeover on Tuesdays in my reader group
  • Hosting other authors on my blog 2+ times a week, which will include giveaways
  • I’m going to start posting regularly on my blog the following things: fantasy Fridays, about my books, posts about my favourite books/authors, writing/author tips and things I’ve learned
  • I have several live appearances both online and in person scheduled in 2024
  • Increase my Instagram presence
  • Prepare and launch the Booksagram Reviewers Choice Awards

Personal Goals:

These are pretty simple ones:

  1. Get into a schedule. With the kids in school this will be easier.
  2. Lose weight and eat healthier. I’m high risk for diabetes so this needs to be a priority. In 2022 and the beginning of 2023 I was using a workout program and eating healthier. By the end of 2022 I’d lost about 10 pounds. Pretty sure I’ve gained that back plus some. Anyway, I’m hoping to lose at least 20 pounds this year, by starting to exercise again, drinking more water and eating healthier. Those three things all go hand in hand.


Giveaway (Contest now closed)

If you’ve made it to the end of this post, congratulations!

I’m going to be giving away a paperback to one lucky winner. Winner must have an address that Amazon delivers to and which I can send to through Amazon.

How to enter? Comment on this blog post and tell us which of my books you’re looking forward to the most, and/or your goals for the new year.

Winner gets their choice of paperback between Love Spells, Tails of the Clayridge Fountain, Drew, Callum, or My Mistletoe Master. (If choosing the last two options the book will be shipped AFTER the paperback becomes available).