For the last several months I’ve been posting about the re-releases of the Unexpected Changes series, and a few other stories previously published with eXtasy Books. While I’m forever grateful that they took a chance on me, and gave me my first real opportunity for publication, I made the decision to ask for my rights back when my contracts ended in 2023.

2024 will bring the re-releases of several hot contemporary stories, beginning with the Unexpected Changes series. My Mistletoe Master will be available within the first week of January, and will be a permafree. Not His Type is expected in late March and is available for pre-order now. The Perfect Fix, Somewhere to Belong and Unexpected Bliss will all be out before August.

The series is a collection of stand alone interconnected stories. They feature four friends as they each find love. The fifth story is a m/m side story for one of the secondary characters introduced in The Perfect Fix.

Three years ago, he broke her heart. Now, she’s back in town and he’ll do anything to keep her.

My Mistletoe Master

When Nick catches her watching a fetish porno, Amelia isn’t sure what to expect. It certainly wasn’t a proposition to indulge her kinky side with her brother’s best friend—the man who destroyed her heart and confidence in one swoop.

Amelia’s three-year absence had taught Nick one thing—he doesn’t want to live without her. Nick isn’t willing to make the same mistake twice. He’ll do whatever it takes to show Amelia he can make her happy, even if that means learning what it takes to keep her satisfied in the bedroom.

Sneaking around during the holidays, Amelia questions if she can move past their history and trust Nick again. Read the excerpt here.

Not His Type

She was the dysfunctional girl that stalked him in high school. Now, she’s back in town, placed unwillingly in his path. Brooke hopes to prove that she no longer has feelings for Gabe. Unfortunately, her boss insists she approach Gabe with a business offer, forcing her into his company once more.

Normally Brooke’s presence infuriates Gabe, but the distance she tries to place between them frustrates him. Lust replaces the anger and resentment he ordinarily felt for her.

He chips away at her defenses, introducing her to pleasures she’d never imagined. She says yes, when she should say no, making her wonder if she’s changed at all or if she’s going to fall back into habits she’s struggled to bury.

Author note: While this story is a m/f HEA, there are several scenes involving other women. f/f/f/f/m

This book also contains content that may be triggering for some readers. Please check the content warning.

Pre-order and read the except here.

The Perfect Fix

Ed likes to keep his nose out of other people’s business, and he expects the same kindness in return, especially regarding his military service. No one knows he has PTSD, and suffers from reoccurring nightmares. As far as everyone knows, he adjusted to civilian life seamlessly.

When his former commanding officer asks for a favor—giving his niece some guidance on how to adapt after the military—Ed vows to help.

Emma is feisty, impulsive and stubborn—and Ed can’t stop fantasizing about her. But there’s another problem. The longer she stays in his life, the closer she gets to revealing his secrets.

She’s capable of fixing her own damn problems and resents her uncle and his ‘star soldier’ for pushing their way into her life. Uncle Cain refuses to shut up about how perfect Ed is. He has a good job, is a dependable man, and he did what Emma can’t seem to do—adjust flawlessly to civilian life. He’s infuriately perfect on the outside too.

His hard body, dark skin, and calm attitude draw her in. Eager to find a flaw, she’s willing to look everywhere for one.

Somewhere to Belong

Too many break ups, has Kevin swearing off all things romance until a one-night stand that changes his life.

His deepest desire is to have a family—a wife and kids—but after having his heart broken one too many times, Kevin decides a happily ever after is not for him. A hot one-night stand has him reconsidering his philosophy, but she disappears the following morning, leaving only a note and a lingering memory.

As a single mother, Lillian has more pressing things to deal with—like finding a new home for her and her children—so she tries to put the sexy stranger out of her mind. Having no luck with multiple realtors, Lillian agrees to try out a new agent—and ends up face to face with the man she ran out on only weeks before.

He’s expecting the client from hell. Instead, the woman he’s been fantasizing about comes waltzing in with two kids in tow. Finding her the right home is more than a struggle, and pretending he no longer desires her…is impossible.

Unexpected Bliss

Looking for something easy and uncomplicated, Grayson takes a risk by asking out the sales clerk who has obvious hang-ups. Can Grayson get Liam to open up about his true desires?

Not quite ready to let go of his last relationship, Liam hesitates when Grayson comes striding into his life. Knowing he needs to move on, Liam decides to give a new relationship a try. He’s attracted to Grayson’s hard body and kind but persistent personality. It all seems to be going well until his ex-boyfriend shows up, ruining everything Liam has built with Grayson.

Grayson was looking for something uncomplicated when he first met Liam. Despite Liam’s hesitation, Grayson was eager to make it work. But when the sex leaves Liam cold and distant, Grayson isn’t sure what to think. A relationship with the sexy sales clerk is anything but simple, and when Liam’s ex shows up uncomplicated is left writhing in the dust.

Can they move past the secrets Liam’s been keeping? Can Grayson find a way to unlock Liam’s sexuality, and more importantly, his heart?