When you don’t fit into any of the boxes, you can choose to fight it or embrace the chaos of a world unboxed, unlabeled. My kinky stories are not for everyone, but those who get it, get it.

Everything I pen comes back to desire. That need, that wanting, that will drive you mad. Whether you find your person for life or your person for now. I love breaking the binary and playing with spectrums instead.

Just a warning, I have very little regard for traditional gender roles and power dynamics. Most of my stories are queer, femdom, polyamorous undertakings with neurotic characters who are usually their own worst enemy. Representation matters and I want to write the stories I would like to read in the world. As someone who identifies as queer, pansexual, and polyamorous myself, I always struggled to find books that feel representative.

I love writing elaborate spicy scenes and have been for almost two decades. Initially, I started out writing MM fanfics featuring the band members from Placebo as characters (my all-time favorite band). After that, I spent some time ghostwriting erotica to pay for elaborate trips overseas to attend music festivals. I even used to write spicy copy for a premium sex toy company in Hong Kong.

But now I finally write for myself, telling my stories. It was time.

An Inevitable Writer

I have always been a very sentimental person. I blame my mother and her dreamy, nostalgic stories of lovers past. It’s definitely not from my dad’s side—he doesn’t read and is very proud of the fact. Meanwhile, little 12-year-old me would lose hours of my day hiding from the world and reading Stephen King (in hindsight, probably not ideal for that age).

I grew up in a small mountain village in rural South Africa (I’m from the Namakwaland—if you know, you know). My dad was quite strict and my sister and I were only allowed to watch one hour of TV a day, my internet access capped at only 30 minutes daily. So, I was forced to spend my life either outside or in books.

I wrote my first “story” when I was 10. Written on lined school notebook paper, it was a ghost story, featuring all my classmates as characters (yup, I blame Stephen King). During break time time, everyone would pass the lined pages around to read it. For years, I was that person, passing around so many handwritten tales of horror and gore.

Being an author from the start was never an option. With bills to pay and unpleasable parents to try and please, I pushed it to the back of my mind for “later.” At University, I picked a career in Journalism, hoping it would be “close enough” to writing. A total of 13 years and literally millions of published words later as an international magazine editor, I can you that it wasn’t “close enough.”

Sometimes, it takes burning out at your toxic corporate job to finally find some courage to tackle your dream of publishing fiction too. That was me. I created the M Kay Noir world as a way to escape my day-to-day, to do something for myself finally. Six months later, I quit my job to go freelance and spend more time writing. I’ve never regretted that decision.

And here we are, so many stories later.

Non-Fiction Kink?

While doing research for my romance and erotica novels, I was so frustrated by the lack of healthy representation of femdom dynamics I found only. Not only that, but so much misinformation, so many confused people in my DMs. After thinking about it for too long, I eventually decided to put my journalism experience to good use and interview real-life Dommes in gentle femdom dynamics.

It was the most incredible experience! I spoke to women from the US, UK, Thailand, and even Australia—all with such beautiful stories. I learned so much about responsibility from these incredible women. Seven audio interviews later, I compiled the stories into a non-fiction book called Gentle Femdom Diaries, my proudest work to date.

Not conventional for a romance author but then again, I’ve never cared about “conventional.”

Danica and Dante’s World

I never thought I’d write mafia romance. Definitely not spicy femdom mafia romance where the vibe is “touch HIM & die” instead. Like most things in my author career, it happened accidentally. Still, the Danica and Dante stories are by far the most fun to write.

I initially wrote the Beg Me Please novella as part of a series of five Domme-awakening prequels with different tropes. I realized that femdom might not be something everyone was familiar with and I wanted to slowly introduce the subject to new readers. The response to that story was overwhelming! It’s still my bestseller.

Then, earlier this year, when my husband and I were living in Montevideo, Uruguay, I got the idea for Danica’s Revenge while washing dishes. Set after Beg Me Please, the main premise is the mafia boss getting kidnapped and his suburban, 18-years-younger girlfriend and secret Domme (Danica) having to rescue him.

That story was such an emotional rollercoaster. I wrote it in less than two weeks as it took over my life in a frenzy of writing. I was obsessed! I made playlists, commissioned character art (NSFW too) and really got into the world of Danica and her good boy, Dante. I made a whole page just for this book, complete with a very long Trigger/Content Warning list. (All things Danica)

The one that really gutted me though, was the book that came after—Valentine for Dante. I wrote it as a standalone but it is set six months after Danica’s Revenge. It’s part of the From Valentine’s Vegas shared world that hits KU in Feb/March 2024. I wanted to throw my characters into Vegas and see how they react, and boy, was I surprised.

I’m not giving anything away, but can someone please give Dante a big hug already?

Dark(ish) but Kind

With these stories, I wanted to see how dark I could go without it being dark romance. My stories are all fully consensual, at all times. Whenever Consensual Non-Consent (CNC) play is involved, they actually honor the first C in CNC (aka Consensual). Safe and responsible kink with mental health rep and a focus on the nurturing aspect of BDSM, are fundamental to my stories.

That doesn’t mean the spice level isn’t high or that messed up things don’t happen. It just means that I don’t write toxic relationships between main characters. Not that there’s anything wrong with those stories, it just wasn’t me. I wanted to create safe spaces to explore kink.

I like to think of my writing as “wholesome shades of dark.” There is too much kink-shaming going around and I wanted to represent beautiful dynamics where people hurt each other physically (with consent) but not mentally. Kinky and kind, that’s the brand.

My vibe is all about “snuggles, not struggles.”

Things About Me

I’ve always been a bit of a strange kid who loved reading way too much and didn’t quite fit into the small-town mentality around me. Only when I got to Varsity and found the other queers, did I finally accept that there was nothing “wrong” with me, I just had to find my people first. I don’t know where I would be today without my chosen family.

When I’m not writing or reading, I love live music shows, that’s my number one activity. (Maybe that’s why I married a drummer.) Nothing makes me feel more alive than watching that stage, singing my heart out to some song I probably learned the lyrics incorrectly to as a teenager. I will (and have) traveled the world for festivals.

Elaborate holidays away with friends are also amazing. Especially if it’s at the beach and we can all just lie around reading and playing board games all day. I love board games. Puzzles too (jigsaws). Can you tell I wasn’t allowed much TV growing up?

I would say I love traveling but it would be more correct to say I love arriving. The travel part itself sucks and I wish I could teleport. Still, it’s great to meet so many different people and experience new cultures and cuisines. My favorite place in the world is South Africa’s wild coast, but if I had to pick outside of our borders, it’s a toss-up between Porto, Berlin, and Prague.

I think I’ve done enough traveling for a while though. We just got back after six months in South America and it’s amazing to be back under the African sun. (I would highly recommend Peru, side note. Especially Cusco.)

So yeah, that’s me. This is the short version.

Coming in 2024

I’m currently working on a series of full-length novels that focus on WLW/Sapphic/F/F relationships but with a femdom flair. Unconventional dynamics like two Dommes who have a male slave, or a married M/F couple who include a female submissive in their dynamic.

Spectrums, not binary.

EXCERPT (Danica’s Revenge)

“Lock the door,” I finally say, my voice slow and sultry, commanding.

The entire vibe in the room changes.

Dante looks at me to question but doesn’t dare. He knows that look, that voice.

“Yes, Miss,” he walks to the door and does as he’s told. “Danica, I—” he starts but I cut him off.

“Quiet, boy! Stay right there,” I instruct, slowly untying the belt of my robe… The look on his face makes me want to smile but I keep up the strict act. Discipline is an important part of Dante’s training. Our contract said as much.

I drop the robe from my shoulders, the smooth material falling open around my large breasts. Dante stands frozen, obediently, practically salivating at the sight. It’s been a few days since I allowed him to come. I know he’s easily aroused now, just the way I like him. He was always more submissive when he hadn’t come in a while.

I slowly uncross my legs, revealing my lack of underwear.

A murmur escapes his mouth. I can tell he’s burning with desire but does not dare to move without permission.

“Come here,” I whisper powerfully, motioning at him with my forefinger.

He starts walking and I hold up my hand. Stop.

“Is this how you approach your Queen? No. On your knees!” I command and Dante instantly drops to the floor, eyes lowered.

Slowly, he crawls toward me, expensive pants on an expensive carpet—everything worthless to him except pleasing me. What a beautiful sight.

When he stops on the floor beneath me, I grab a fistful of his thick dark curly locks and pull his face up between my legs. 


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