Hello, and a huge thanks to Cameron for allowing me to hang out on her blog! I’m Haven Price, and I write spicy paranormal romance and urban fantasy. I was first introduced to urban fantasy through Neil Gaiman’s books. I also loved War for the Oaks by Emma Bull (if you haven’t read her stuff, check it out! She’s one of the OGs of the UF genre).

I published the first novel in my Vivian Foxworthy series, Darkened Magic, in February 2023. That first book began as a NaNoWriMo novel, but I didn’t finish it until 2022.

It’s the story of Vivian, a magician (gender neutral magic user term) who has some pretty scary skeletons in her closet from years she spent addicted to dark magic. As the story begins, her life has become a humdrum of running a magic shop with her sister, casting spells for clients, and drinking away her demons every night. When a handsome stranger approaches her in her favorite bar, their one-night stand turns into an unexpected job offer: use her powers to find the magician he’s been hired to kill. He leaves her with a name, a photo, and a book of creepy fairy tales, but his target is a monster from her past, and she hasn’t escaped the darkness just yet. I would describe my books as dark (but in a gritty, noir sort of way), emotional, and filled with unexpected twists. This is a series of quick reads with each book being in the 200ish page range.

I never grew out of my mixed CD phase of life, but I haven’t had a computer with a CD burner in about 1000 years. If you don’t know what a CD burner is, just know that I’m old and sharing music required a ton more work before streaming. I make a playlist for each of my books to get me in the right “zone” for writing and spark inspiration when I’m out driving in the car. If you’d like to listen to some Vivian vibes, you can check out my Darkened Magic playlist on Spotify.

When I’m not rocking my writer persona, I’m a mom to three awesome kids. I have an abnormal number of animals: six cats, two dogs, a whole flock of chickens/ducks/geese, lovebirds, and a tarantula named Hannibal. My non-human bestie is an Australian cattle dog named Rudy. I enjoy really strong coffee, rewatching my favorite shows 100 times, devouring books by indie authors, and laughing too hard at memes.

If you’d like to connect with me, you can find me on Instagram or Facebook. I’m still trying to figure out the TikTok stuff, but I’m over there, too. Feel free to join us over at my Facebook group—Haven’s Home for Mythic Misfits.

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