15 Questions with Nigel Hartagan

Joining us today is author D.M. Needom! Today D.M. is bringing us an interview with her Rockstar hero!

Tell me a little bit about yourself?

Nigel Hartagan: I’m the Bass Player for Sambuka Fedora. I was voted Sexiest Man Alive three times in Pop Hits over in the UK. Some people think that I’m a sex god incarnate; my wife once said I was a walking cock, or maybe that was me. Truth is, I’m just a man who knows how to please women. However, now I just please one, Ava.

What do you look like? 

NH: My hair has some blonde highlights mixed in the natural chestnut brown. It’s about shoulder length and pretty messy. I’m about 6’1 and about 11 Stone. Sorry, this is a US publication. I’m about 154. I should eat better, but you don’t always get to eat properly with my lifestyle. No, sometimes my appetite is for other things. Sorry, we were talking about my looks. I have amber-brown eyes and, as I said before, a killer smile and a strong chin.

What is something no one knows about you?

NH: That I believe in love at first sight. It was love at first sight with Ava, but the feeling wasn’t mutual. She had misgivings. It was totally my fault, as the Rockstar ego was on.

What is the greatest challenge you’ve ever faced?

NH: Snorting too much blow and ending up in a coma. When I woke up, the days after were the most challenging. It was hard to avoid temptation and admit that I failed on some levels. However, one of the hardest things was waking up and wanting to apologize to someone I had hurt so bad, but discovering they weren’t in my life. (He smiles wistfully.) Well, she wasn’t just yet.

What is your biggest weakness?

 NH: Maybe it’s my jealousy of Russell Langford, one of my best mates. He used to have a thing for my wife. Wait, I shouldn’t say that. That’s not what you meant, was it? Let me change that. A bird with a nice set of jubblies or, for you Yanks, a broad with a nice rack. I do enjoy a little cleavage.

What is your hidden talent?

NH: Well, if I told you, it wouldn’t be so hidden. I will say this: it’s reserved only for my wife. I often show her how talented my fingers and tongue are. Trust me, I don’t suck until I think she’s ready, and then I have her seeing stars as she climaxes over and over. We played a wicked game of 20 questions, and I edged her close but stopped before giving her what she wanted, which was me. When I did, she couldn’t get enough, as my cock is just as talented.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

NH: Some would say being the bassist for Sambuka Fedora, or even being nominated for a Grammy or winning sexiest man. Honestly, the truth is marrying Ava. She let me find the real me under all the rockstar bullocks.

Tell me about your significant other?

NH: Ava is the most amazing woman. When she walks into a room, I can’t help but smile. We share this bond. When we touch each other, there is this energy that we share. I can feel it even with the slightest touch. There’s no one else in the world I have a bond like this with, and I know she’s my one, and nothing will ever change that.

What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

NH: I’ve taken many, though the biggest one recently was taking Ava to Caleb’s party. His parties are always out of control with drugs. I lost a girlfriend once after one of those parties. So, taking Ava was a massive risk as I wasn’t sure how she’d handle the drugs or all the public sex. Fortunately, it all worked out, but the aftermath wasn’t so pleasant for her. (He stops for a moment in thought.) Honestly, it brought us closer together.

What scares you about your future?

NH: That I will fall back into bad habits and lose Ava and our life.

Tell me about your house or apartment?

NH: Which one? I have three. I have a house in London and a Condo in New York, and Ava and I have just set up residence in LA right off the ocean.

What are the five items you could never live without?

NH: My Kubicki Ex Factor 4 Drop D, Fretless Bass, you know, so I can continue to play. It’s one of my favorite basses to jam with still. Let me think about this. Something that means everything. (He pulls out a winged heart locket with a stainless pick behind it.) This. Because when Ava gave it to me, she said it was her heart. So, I know I couldn’t live without that. It has a wedding picture, and the pick is for our baby, due in July. So that’s three. My wedding ring; as much as I love my freedom, somewhere deep down, I like being married. My ring is my tether to my actual reality and Ava. While Ava isn’t a thing; I say Ava because when she isn’t around, it feels like part of my soul is missing. Last is my sketchbook, which has art pencils inside. I could either draw or write in it. Between the bass and the sketchbook, I would never be bored.

Do you consider yourself a hero? If so, why?

NH: I am a hero, at least in Ava’s eyes. I know she sees me as her King or at least her prince who came in and claimed his queen.

Tell me about your “superpower”? 

NH: Think we covered that earlier, under hidden talent. ( He winked.) However, when I am on stage, my (bass) playing has lingerie tossed my way almost nightly. Will that change now since I’m married?

Do you consider yourself to be a sexual “vanilla” or a more exotic flavor?

NH: After what I told you earlier about my skills, I’m certainly not vanilla. Hell, I made Ava come while we sat at an outdoor cafe at our pre-wedding dinner. We’re also a member of the mile-high club, so vanilla isn’t even a thought or an option. Tantric or bondage are the options I play with.

Bonus Question: Is there more to your story?

NH: Of course, so much more. Life is an adventure, and there is a story to tell.

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About the Author

D.M. Needom has been creating stories since she was a kid. She started committing them to paper when she was in high school. Beginning as a bassist and television model during her first foray into college, she soon discovered her preferred form of education was working in the music and film industries.

Living a fortuitous life, D.M. Needom appreciates the fantastic opportunities she’s had. Her first stint as a radio personality came after winning a contest for knowing the song of the day. She was a mere blur in My Best Friends Wedding as Julia Roberts ran past while she was an extra. However, the excitement of being on the set made her long to work on other projects. Her longing eventually led her to sign on to a low-budget sitcom, where she was an actress and had many positions, including line producer. She’s stated numerous times that it was one of her favorite jobs.

Originally from New Orleans, she now calls the North West Burbs of Chicago her home with her three fur babies: Chloe, kitty, and Cami and Charlie, pups. While she got to experience motherhood as a stepmother, true love was elusive until she met her second husband, with whom she spent sixteen beautiful years together.

She hosts the Better To…Podcast with D. M. Needom.

She is working on the next book in the Better To Burn Out series: Gotta Get High To Fall So Low.

She is also a gifted, intuitive Psychic Medium, Tarot, and Oracle card reader. D. M. Needom has been providing readings at events and parties in the Chicago area for over 30 years. Currently, she offers Intuitive readings online and at Synergy Collective, where she also teaches.


Have you been curious about the Better To Burn Out Series?

Now’s your chance to catch up before Gotta Get High to Fall so Low arrives in 2024.

A little about the series – Join Nigel Hartagan, the bassist of the world-renowned band Sambuka Fedora, model and singer Ava Richards, and record executive and singer Russell Langford in this captivating series. As their lives become intertwined, love and romance ensue. But be warned – this saga doesn’t always promise a happy ending.

Book 1: My Daze With the Dark Muse

Nigel Hartagan is the epitome of a Rockstar. He has a successful award-winning music career, a talented wife, and a beautiful daughter. But no one is aware that he is spiraling out of control in a daze with the Powder Goddess.

In Nigel’s world, the highs were high, but the lows have made him discover that a monster is lurking inside. Nigel soon plunges to rock bottom as he goes further into the Goddess’s clutches and slips into a delusional world where debauchery is his only goal.

Nigel battles for his life as drugs make him choose between his love for his new Powder Goddess or his Musical Mistress and the life he once loved.

***Author’s Note – This book is a Very Dark and Twisted tale. There are incidents of Drug use, strong language, some violence, and attempted rape. This book is not for the faint of heart.***

Book 2: Fairy Tales and I Love You

17-year-old, Ava Richards has been through one of the worst tragedies of her life. She had dreams of being a singer but never a model. However, after her friend entered her in The Model of the Moment contest, she saw her life taking a different turn.

At a party, she meets a man who can change her life, singer and record executive Russell Langford. He sees his next muse. His record label’s next star and the woman he loves. If only he could convince her.

While Russell seems like he could be the man of her dreams, the man haunting her dreams, Nigel Hartagan, is out to prove he’s not the rockstar everyone has painted him out to be. He’s willing to declare that she is his destiny, his one genuine love, but will she believe him?

The night of her 18th birthday changed everything. While she knows both men could genuinely make her dreams come true. She has to make a choice between Nigel and Russell. Who will she choose?

***Author’s note: This was written to be a start, Book 1 is not required to understand this story.

Book 3: Is Love Just Another High

Bass Player, Nigel Hartagan awoke from his medical emergency haunted by a life with a woman he thought he didn’t know.

A chance encounter with this very woman almost a year before changed his destiny. However, he didn’t realize how much. When he discovers she exists, he all but upends his life to have her. A girlfriend or lifelong friendship doesn’t matter. He wants what he wants, and that’s Ava Richards.

He knows there is an unspoken connection and his soul won’t be denied until he claims her and makes her his.

***Author’s note: Book 3 in the Better to Burn Out Series is Nigel’s point of view.

Book 4: Spirit of the Times

Will Ava and Nigel’s “Happily Ever After” be upended by Reality?

Their harmonious existence is shattered when harsh reality intervenes in their perfect married life. With fans, the press, Ava’s ex-love, and Nigel’s close friend, Russell Langford raising concerns, their marital bliss is put to the test. Will they manage to preserve their destiny amidst the mounting pressures of Nigel’s world, or will their marriage collapse under the strain?

Stand Alone: Love is Worth Waiting For

What would you sacrifice for the love of your life? Your career? Your fame?

Jenn Poff had a hit movie and was on her way to becoming a young starlet. Then, her hit television series got canceled, and auditions dried up. But, whatever, Jenn had Wes Blenkenship. Lack of auditions meant more time to spend with the love of her life.

Soon, their roles reversed, and Wes’s singing career gained momentum. While his good looks and velvet voice had ladies begging to be with him, he only had eyes for Jenn. Fame will not tear them apart. Jenn was the only one who understood and loved him for who he was, not the illusion his fans had created.

However, one night, something happened which would alter their lives forever. Jenn now finds herself asking, is she willing to give up five years to give Wes his dream?


Content warning can be found here: https://dmneedom.com/content-warnings-and-spoilers