I’ve decided to start doing #FantasyFridays, where I’ll tell you a little bit about the inspiration and creation of some of my characters, species, and settings for my fantasy stories.

I decided to start with hellhounds because in a few short weeks (maybe earlier) we’ll be seeing The Siren and the Hellhound hit virtual shelves.

If you’ve read Love Spells, then you’ll be familiar with the hellhounds from Clayridge.

In hound form they’re giant black dogs with matted fur and wispy ghost-like tails. They have flames around their feet, and chests and eyes that glow red. They can communicate telepathically in hound form. As both humans and hellhounds they have the ability to read your memories if they stare into your eyes. They are fast, powerful, and deadly.

As humans they are muscular, and confident. They all have dreads, and their chest glow like fire embers. And if they shift their eyes they can read your memories. They generally tend to like tattoos, and wearing accessories.

During their early years they work in the pit, in hell, and torture evil souls and wrongdoers. They believe strongly in justice and punishments that fit the crime.

In Clayridge, they work under the direction of the Witch’s Council, as a combination of police and military. They keep Clayridge safe, but their jurisdiction ends at the Clayridge border.

So far we’ve only really met Stone, but in the upcoming novella (The Siren and the Hellhound) we’ll be meeting several of his colleagues. I’m very excited to see what you all think about these new characters!


Now, I’m going to leave you with an excerpt from Love Spells, but before I do, I’m curious to know, what would you like to see explained or discussed on #FantasyFridays?


Excerpt from Love Spells, Full Moons, and Silver Bullets

As they neared the end of the narrow path between the walls, Quinn pulled the carriage to a halt and waited for one of The Guards to approach. When Fernandez Stone appeared, his four-legged gait sure and fast, Ian would have jumped from his seat had Quinn not grabbed him.

“Hi, Stone,” Quinn nodded to the hellhound.

The big, black, demonic-looking dog growled. Its red gaze inspected Ian before locking on her. Who’s the mortal, Quinn?

Though Stone’s question had come telepathically, Quinn answered verbally. “He came through on Portal Night. I thought I’d help him to the embassy.”

Stone’s long snout drew closer as he sniffed at Ian before focusing his glowing red gaze on Ian’s eyes. In hellhound form, the hounds could communicate telepathically and read a person’s memories with their intense stare.

Ian gulped. She felt him tense further, drawing back against the bench, as the dog’s massive head loomed closer.

Stone’s matted fur didn’t move, but in the breeze, his wispy, ghost-like black tail seemed to stir and shift. The flames surrounding his paws surged around his legs, blowing sparks into the air. His rib cage glowed like the dying coals of a bonfire pit. Nothing in a hellhound’s appearance was meant to put a mortal at ease, yet they were sworn to serve with truth and justice.

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