Here’s something fun for Wednesday! A list that combines funny, and realistic experiences romance authors should have within their lifetime. Some of them are just meant to be a little goofy, others are actually helpful, and some are genre specific.

How many have you done? Which ones are most appealing to you? What did we miss on this list that you think NEEDS to be added?

  1. Going to a gun range to fire a gun (Suspense/Crime/Mafia Authors Specifically)
  2. Attend MuderCon (Suspense/Crime/Mafia Authors Specifically)
  3. Get a tattoo or watch someone get a tattoo
  4. Go on a ride along (Suspense/Crime/Mafia Authors Specifically)
  5. Experience a heart break
  6. Fall in love
  7. Watch Thunder From Down Under live
  8. Take a flying lesson
  9. Self publish a book
  10. Publish a book with a publisher
  11. Get a rejection letter
  12. Get a one star review
  13. Travel
  14. Attend a book signing
  15. Attend a romance convention
  16. Observe a hospital setting (ER if possible)
  17. Make up stories to go along with the names and dates on headstones in a cemetery
  18. Attend a writer cruise or retreat
  19. Ride a horse
  20. Learn how to play an instrument
  21. Keep an exercise routine
  22. Participate in a pitch session (live or virtual)
  23. Visit/tour a dungeon (BDSM Authors Specifically)
  24. Particpate in NaNoWriMo
  25. Join a romance writers organization


Come back tomorrow and join us for guest blogger Kellie Kamryn who’s stopping in to give us some tips on narrating your book. And did you catch Jeff Forgeron on the blog for Music Monday, with his new country single?