I’m happy to announce that book 4 in the Unexpected Changes series is finished! At least in first draft form, that is. I’m working my way through my first round of edits before I turn it in to the publisher, which I’m hoping will be before the weekend. I’m also hoping to announce a title soon.

But what’s next?

Well, next Thursday (July 13th) I have a short story which will be released through eXtasy books. It’s called Neptune’s Passion and is a sweet but spicy friends-to-lovers story. It’s a stand alone short story which is part of the July Summer Shorts (one short story each day throughout the month) that eXtasy books is publishing.

After that, well, I have a rough idea of release dates for the first few stories in a series of short stories. Those of you who read Over the Rainbow, know that I contributed a short story called His Love Letters to the charity anthology. In recent months my rights to the story were returned, and I plan to have it re-published as the first in a series about the characters Jordan and Lance. This story was my first time writing M/M (gay) romance. His Love Letters is expected to be released in the fall (probably looking at an October release date), and the second instalment, His Confession, is a holiday story and will be out before the end of the calendar year, I expect November or December.

But then, what’s next?

Right now I’m cracking away on a series of short stories. I plan to write four stories that link into the Unexpected Changes series. I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to the characters yet. Several of the secondary characters have been shouting at me to have their stories told. I’m not going to go into the who just yet, however you’re welcome to guess which characters we’ll be seeing more of. I’m curious, which characters do you hope to see again?