I recently realized that while I’d posted about these reviews on Facebook, I have yet to announce them on my blog.

I was informed of a literary review for My Mistletoe Master, back in January. The reviewer had some wonderful things to say about My Mistletoe Master. They discussed the BDSM elements, secondary characters, and the humour in the story.  Find the full review here: Literary Nymphs Reviews: My Mistletoe Master.

Shortly after Not His Type came out the same reviewer had even more kind things to say about the series. Although they did point out that there are issues discussed within the story that might be triggers for some people, the reviewer again spoke about the secondary characters, and how they are looking forward to the next ones in the series. Find the full review here: Literary Nymphs Reviews: Not His Type.

Soon I hope that The Perfect Fix will be available. I hope to have news about a release date very shortly. I hope that both my readers and Amazon Nymph enjoy it. While Nick and Amelia will always have a special place in my heart, I absolutely loved writing The Perfect Fix, and hope that you will enjoy getting to know Ed and Emma. The Perfect Fix will have appearances from some of the character’s we’ve already been introduced to, but there will also be a lot of new faces, character’s that I’ve grown very attached to, and hope to explore further in future books.